The Value of Life

lifeEdited by Göran Hermerén and Nils-Eric Sahlin

Konferens 46, Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, Stockholm 1999

  • Göran Hermerén, Introduction: problems and projects
  • Bertil Albrektson, The value of life: Biblical aspects
  • David Fetherstonhaugh, Paul Slovic, Stephen M. Johnson and James Friedrich, Insensitivity to the value of human life. A study of psychological numbing
  • Göran Flood, The value of life in the insurance world
  • Birger Gerhardsson, The value of life according to the Bible
  • John Harris, The value of life
  • Elisabeth Rynning, Life — a legally protected value among others
  • Lennart Sjöberg, Leif-values and the tyranny of unique decisions
  • Maurice de Wachter, Valuing the end of human life

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